Stewart had undergone a successful  micro-discectomy operation on his lower back 20 years ago which had alleviated his sciatica at that time. However, the effects of the previous surgery and the natural process of time had meant his discs had become worn (spondylotic) to the point that the nerves in his lower back were being pinched again causing him once more to suffer pain in his lower back and legs (sciatica).

Keen to avoid further surgery which this time could have involved a bigger operation, Stewart, who had been a patient of ours previously, for other problems, came to our Chigwell clinic to see if we could help. Our first task was to organise an MRI scan for him. We then to scrutinised the MRI images ourselves, rather than just rely. on the Radiologist’s report we always like to exam the MRI images ourselves as this, together with the clinical examination findings provides the best way of knowing if we can help patients and also helps formulate the exact treatment plan, even if that means referring a patient to another specialist.

After examining Stewart in clinic and going through his MRI images, we were confident that IDD Therapy would be likely help him and certain be the most appropriate non invasive approach ahead of considering further surgery. We determined that Stewart had category 3 disc problem, meaning there were two disc levels contributing to his symptoms. This would likely require and extended course of IDD Therapy.

Somewhat unusually Stewart gained a lot of pain relief within just a few treatments, this was almost certainly as a result of the temporary alleviation of pressure on his pinched nerves, allowing improved blood flow and circulation to these nerves. However, at this stage Stewart had not received enough treatment sessions for meaningful improvements to occur in the discs themselves and his symptoms returned. As one of the UK’s most experienced providers of Spinal Decompression Therapy and from being in touch with IDD Therapy clinics throughout the world we were confident that Stewart would eventually achieve longer lasting improvements after seeing the recommended course of session through – and that’s exactly what happened!