Shock Wave Therapy is an effective form of treatment for stubborn tendon and other muscle and joint problems. The therapy was first used in operating theatres over 20 years ago as a non-surgical way of breaking down kidney stones. Since then, the technology has adapted, allowing it to be used within outpatient clinics to treat tendon and other musculoskeletal problems. Shock wave therapy works by blasting away fibrous (scar) tissue (and even calcium deposits) within damaged tendons and muscles, encouraging the body to heal with healthy, more elastic tissue.


Even where other forms of physiotherapy treatment have failed, Shock Wave Therapy can provide a very real solution effective for a range of conditions:


Achilles Tendonosis

Pain and stiffness on the tendon and at the bottom of the calf where it meets the heel bone.


Plantar Fasciitis

Painful, inflammation of the muscle and tendons in the sole of the foot.


Patella Tendonitis

Pain in the tendons above or below the knee cap, common in athletes and sports people, especially runners.


Golfers & Tennis Elbow

Sometimes known by it’s medical term “epicondylitis”, this refers to inflammation of the tendons of the forearm that attach to the inside or outside of the elbow. Pain is often felt either side of the elbow when gripping or moving the wrist and is caused by repetitive arm and wrists movements such as in tennis or golf.  However the condition can even develop in office workers  who simply type a lot on a keyboard.


Trigger Points

Known by most people as muscle knots, trigger points can become chronic and are almost always associated with chronic pain disorders such as fibromyalgia and tension headaches. Trigger points are commonly unresponsive to many forms of manual therapy such as non-clinical massage (which very often make the problem worse). Shock Wave Therapy is however one of the modalities that seems to be able to ease the pain and inflammation of trigger points.


Certain types of back pain

A recent medical trial found that Shock Wave Therapy was as effective for facet joint pain as injections.


Shoulder Impingement and calcification

Pain felt at the top of the shoulder when a tendon gets squashed during overhead movements. Unfortunately this often leads to thickening of the (supraspinatus) tendon leading to even more impingement, scarring and even calcification.


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