Intervertebral Disc (Spinal) Decompression Therapy - IDD Therapy - In Essex (Chigwell & Hornchurch Clinics)

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What is IDD Therapy?

IDD Therapy is the successful and trusted non-surgical spinal decompression treatment which is helping chronic back and neck pain sufferers to regain a normal active life. Safe, gentle and non-invasive, IDD Therapy addresses the failings of traditional traction and the natural limitations of what clinicians can do with the hands alone.

The treatment involves the gentle distraction (drawing apart) of targeted spinal segments to remove pressure from spinal structures including the discs and spinal nerves to reduced pain, promote healing and improve mobility. With over 1000 clinics internationally and more and more clinics providing treatment in the UK, 

In 2011 our Chigwell clinic, was proud to be the first clinic in Essex, and the 3rd in the UK, to offer IDD Therapy treatment. Following our success in Chigwell, two years later we established the first IDD Therapy clinic in central London. Currently we clinics offering IDD Therapy in Chigwell and Hornchurch.

If you have persistent back pain or neck pain or suffer with any of the following conditions, you may be a suitable candidate for the treatment:
  • Herniated Disc (lumbar or cervical)
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Sciatica
  • Slipped Disc
  • Chronic low back pain

How does IDD Therapy work?

An Introduction to IDD Therapy

IDD A Patients Story

Spine Plus clinics that provide IDD Therapy

SpinePlus Hornchurch

Do You Suffer With Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Slipped Disc or Trapped Nerves?

If you do and traditional treatments such a physiotherapy are not making any improvements, then IDD Therapy at Spineplus Clinics may be just the treatment you need!

See How Spineplus IDD Has Helped John!

Having suffered with low back pain and Sciatica for 4 years and despite having tried various other physical therapies, John came to see us at Spine Plus Clinics for a Free Review. His MRI scan revealed, a broad based disc injury (protrusion) at L5/S1 vertebrae that was compromising the left L5 nerve root in his spine. This had been causing him serve pain and discomfort for 4 years. We established a treatment plan with a combination of IDD Therapy, and Medical Acupuncture (Paraspinal dry needling) and core strengthening exercise this is his story.
“For 40 years or more, I have suffered with some degree of back pain, but about ten years ago it became much worse. Physiotherapy did not help – indeed, it only aggravated it. After 20 or so sessions with Spine Plus, using the IDD, there was a dramatic improvement. Now, two years later, I have virtually no back pain at all.”

Peter Parson (On IDD / Spine Plus)

Computer-controlled treatment at precisely measured angles
IDD Therapy MachineAs the joints are distracted, pressure is taken off the disc, joints and nerves. The targeted spinal segment is gently mobilised to create pressure differentials to help improve a flow of fluid and nutrients into the disc space.

These fluids and nutrients help with healing and repair and the gentle, oscillating movement helps the joints to become lubricated and to move more freely.

Where a disc is pressing on a nerve and causing pain, this mobilisation may help the body to retract a bulging disc and thus remove or reduce the pressure and therefore relieve pain.

Our goal is to help the body move freely. Whilst we can do this with our hands most of the time, IDD Therapy gently stretches tight muscles and stiff ligaments in a manner which is not possible with the hands alone.

Working the soft tissues with the SPINA machine helps the body move more freely and as you get more mobility in the spine, this helps the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Improve joint mobility to free the body's natural healing mechanisms
IDD Improve Joint MobilityIDD treatment is gentle and safe. There are built-in safety features and the aim is for you to remain as relaxed as possible; many patients actually go to sleep although we prefer that they remain awake so that they can feel the full effects of the treatment.

Each treatment on the SPINA machine lasts approximately 25 minutes; this is the time needed to work the spinal structures adequately to help bring about the physiological changes we are seeking.

Before treatment we apply infrared heat to the area to increase blood flow into the soft tissues. After treatment we apply cold packs to reduce post treatment inflammation and encourage improved collagen formation within healing discs.

IDD Therapy combined with exercise for a complete treatment programme MRI Scan Review How many sessions will I need?
If you have had back or neck pain for a while certain segments of your spine may be stiff or tight, this can impede circulation and healing capacity. At the same time certain “core” muscles that support the spinal column are likely to have “switched off”.

The key to a healthy spine is flexibility COMBINED with strength so as part of your IDD treatment plan our practitioners will gradually introduce specific gentle exercises and activities to promote core stability, spinal mobility, good posture, correct breathing and correct lifting techniques.

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What Other Customers Say About IDD Therapy?

37 year old Reehan consulted Spine Plus after suffering with severe sciatica for over 12 months due to a large disc herniation, During that time he had tried numerous therapies including physiotherapy, chiropractic and podiatry unfortunately without any improvement in his symptoms.


46 year old David suffered for 14 months with chronic back pain and sciatica as a result of a large disc herniation at L5/S1. David suffered extreme muscle spasm which left him unable to walk more than a few steps at a time; he found simple actions very demanding.


I had been suffering with a bad back for 6 years, this was making my work as a builder nearly impossible. MRI scans showed I had a degenerative disc at the L23 level of my spine. When my back was really bad it would also cause pain in my thigh and groin area!