Back Pain Decoded

An Expert Guide To Effective Back Pain & Sciatica Tests, Diagnoses, Treatments & Products You Never Knew Existed!

Want To Learn About The Different Types Of Low Back Pain?

Want To Understand What Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Injections, Surgery And Many Other Investigations And Treatments Have To Offer, As Well As What Their Limitations Are?

Want The Inside Info On Back Pain, Including “What The Doctor’s Don’t Tell You”, Such As Why Not All MRI Scans Are The Same, Why Not All (Facet Joint) Injections Are Not The Same, And The Truth About The Epidemic Of Failed Reporting of MRI Scans

– Buy The New Book by Robert Shanks’

(Co-Founding Director Of Spine Plus Clinics).

BACK PAIN DECODED – AN EXPERT GUIDE TO TESTS, DIAGNOSES, TREATMENTS & PRODUCTS YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED: Written in easy to understand language, this book is packed with “need to know” information all patients & practitioners should be aware of especially when it comes to having scans, manual therapy, injections and surgery, plus lots of self help tips, product reviews and case studies. If you suffer with your back this book will save you huge amounts of time and money on wasted visits to therapists & doctors, empowering you with all the options, not just the ones they tell you about!


“It was said by one of my tutors who said that “diseases take no notice of man made fields of expertise”. This wisdom is no more so pertinent than in the case of spinal pathology. Understanding the nature of the spine and the problems it can generate takes a multidisciplinary approach involving specialists from many fields, including surgeons, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, radiologists and pain management specialists. This reflects the complexity of spinal pathology and sometimes conveying that information and the inherent uncertainties to patients can be challenging.

It is for that very reason, I was so very impressed by his book. It is both comprehensive by covering all aspects of spinal pathology but also extremely readable in language that seeks to convey information equally to both healthcare specialists and patients. I think it is an invaluable guide for people within healthcare seeking to broaden their understanding of the spine but also for any patients who may be suffering from their spine trying to evaluate the treatment options available to them.

I think it is an invaluable guide…for any patients who may be suffering from their spine trying to evaluate the treatment options…Having spent the last twenty years practising in Spinal Surgery, trying to assimilate knowledge from all my corners…I welcome this book for the invaluable help it gives. How helpful it would have been at the start of my career as an ‘expert’ to have been able to read and refer to it.”

Mr Bob Chatterjee MBBS MRCS MSc (Distinction) FRCS (Tr&Orth), Chief of Spinal Surgery at the Hospital of St John’s & St Elizabeth’s, London, President of Orthopaedics at The Royal Society of Medicine, Consultant Editor ‘Spinal Surgery News’.

WHAT OTHER’S SAY ABOUT THE AUTHOR: …I went to multiple doctors, had multiple blood tests, scans, specialists etc. The NHS were just passing me around and no one could find the solution. I was put on anti inflammatories for 2 months and nothing worked. I was only 26/27 years old while this was happening. It was frustrating and very depressing to be so unhealthy. I decided to go private. Robert suggested a particular type of lumbar spine MRI (which hadn’t been done by my doctors). This showed the problem. I followed his treatment and advice for 6-7 sessions. Having suffered for 18 months I managed a 3 hour hike a week or 2 after his treatment. 2 months after his treatment I’m travelling central America, carrying 70L on my back, sitting on buses (which used to be excruciating), being active and feeling great. I’m literally a new person. I know that sounds dramatic but… After 1.5 years of pain it’s incredible. I could not rate Robert high enough! Thank you

(Sarah P)!

Exemplary care and results. I travel 90 miles to see Robert in clinic, and would not want to be treated anywhere else. I was struggling to