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Consultations are also available in Spanish, and Italian.

Our Osteopaths in Woodford can offer you specialist affordable treatment in all areas of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy, including Back Pain Treatment, Neck Pain Treatment, Sciatica Treatment, Shoulder Injuries, Sports Injuries, and Rehabilitation.
You really don’t have to suffer, call today, get assessed by one our specialists and get set on the road to recovery with East London’s and Essex Finest Treatment Teams.
Back Pain
Neck Pain
Knee Pain
Hip Pain
Elbow Pain
Certain types of headaches
Foot & Ankle



60 min New Patient / Review Appointment will include the following:

  • Case history
  • Orthopaedic & neurological examination
  • Postural and Functional Movement Assessment
  • Working Diagnosis
  • Recommendations for tests to confirm diagnosis, if required (e.g. X-ray, MRI or ultrasound scan)
  • Treatment planning & bespoke rehabilitation advice
  • Commencement of Manual Therapy / Electrotherapy Treatment (as appropriate), see below for more details*

Cost: £78**

30 min New Patient Appointment: Assessment & Examination + Discussion of Treatment Options. (NB: May not allow enough time to start treatment). Cost £58

*+£7 supplement if Electro-Acupuncture Included

**+£20 supplement if TECAR, Shockwave and or Laser Therapy Included

30 mins Follow Up “Manual Therapy +/- Electrotherapy Appointment”, will include one or more of the following:

  • Mini Re-Assessment
  • Spinal Adjustment (Manipulation)
  • Medial Acupuncture / Dry Needling (Intramuscular Stimulation)*
  • Soft Tissue Release (Advanced Massage) Techniques with Osteopath or Physio +/- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Release (e.g. "Graston Technique" & Others)
  • Bespoke rehabilitation
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy
  • Theraflex, power assisted micro manipulation
  • Laser Acupuncture

Cost: £58 (*+£3.50 supplement if Electro-Acupuncture included)

+ Advanced Electrotherapy including one or more of the following:

Cost: £20 Supplement


Sports / Lifestyle Massage

60 min: £80 £64 (Special Offer)

30 min: £45

  • Brief case history to assess suitability to massage but no detailed assessment
  • Relaxing or deep massage tailored to your needs and wishes to ease stress and tension or to help with minor aches and pains and recovery from surgery
  • Offered by Panli Toure

Sports Massage with an Osteopath

60 min: £93

30 min: £58

  • Expert deep tissue / remedial massage to REALLY work those knots out? Our Osteopaths have spent 4 years as under graduates learning expert massage, trigger point and soft tissue release techniques PLUS been through our own in-house postgraduate training program to learn even more advanced techniques (such as instrument assisted massage). These sessions can also be combined with therapeutic ultrasound, medical & Laser acupuncture at no extra cost.
  • Offered by Tom Walters at this clinic


  • 1:1 Pilates / Postural Therapy: £47 (45 mins) - Chigwell Clinic only.
  • Advance Liquid Joint Support | Collagen | Multivitamin with Ginger Supplement: £21
  • GP / Consultant Letter: £45
  • Ice Packs: £6.50
  • Back Pain Decoded (Book Written by Spine Plus Director, Robert Shanks): £25
  • Core Zero to Core Hero (Six Week video exercise program designed by Robert Shanks: £25
  • Onsite Physio Assessment Including Ultrasound Imaging (Scan) - from ESP Physio / Sonographer Jonny Wride: £115
  • Onsite Ultrasound guided Joint or Soft Tissue Injections (Steroid, Hyaluronic Acid, etc): £185 - £250
  • MRI Referral - For Gold Standard MRI Scan, including report from leading UK radiologist: £350
  • Company Director (Robert Shanks) Fees: Initial Appointment (approx 60 mins) £120 | Follow Up Appointments (30 to 45 mins) £85. (Please note Robert is currently still recovering from some recent orthopaedic surgery and pursuing some of his mentoring roles with other clinics, so is only seeing a very limited no of clients during 2023.


Robert Shanks - Osteopath & Clinic Director

Robert ShanksAs company director and co-founder Robert is part of the driving force behind our multidisciplinary approach. Robert has been strongly influenced by his mother, a chartered physiotherapist with 40 years’ experience. Robert graduated as an Osteopath in 2000 and subsequently furthered his education with several postgraduate courses, notably in medical acupuncture, electrotherapy and clinical Pilates (the latter with the renowned Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute). As well as treating sports injuries and tension headaches, Robert’s other main area of special interest is the management of patients with chronic low back pain and neck pain associated with disc problems.

Juan Bedoya - Osteopath

Juan Bedoya - OsteopathJuan is a highly skilled osteopath, massage therapist and personal trainer. He is currently our head trainer for clients requiring one to one corrective exercise sessions in order to build their core strength and spinal stability.

Panli Toure

Panli TourePanli, who is originally from Paris, is a highly skilled and highly trained massage therapist (and personal trainer). We actually head hunted Panli to work at Spine Plus' Chigwell & Woodford clinics due to our client demand for a really good massage therapist with healing hands, capable of delivery truly therapeutic, deep tissue massage full of the “feel good factor”. Panli’s natural abilities, previous training together with his in house training from Spine Plus incorporating some of our signature massage techniques, makes for an awesome combination and unrivalled massage experience. As well as having a super personality to match, that puts anyone at ease, Panli is an expert when it comes to food and nutritional advice by virtue of the fact he used to be a professional chef, having run his own highly rated restaurant. So as well as being able to serve up a great massage he can delivery a wealth of culinary tips!

Louise Hodge

Louise’s treatment approach is patient-centered and aims to integrate your goals and priorities into a taliored treatment plan that will enhance your capacity to adapt and recover. Having worked as a personal trainer for over 12 years she thrives on empowering her patients to make healthy lifestyle choices and guide them in preventative steps to achieve their goals for future health. Louise works at our Chigwell Clinic on Wednesday and Saturdays.

Tom Walters

SpinePlus Tom Walters Osteopath

Tom is an Osteopath who is passionate about empowering patients through treatment and corrective exercises for long term results. Tom is experienced in sports massage and is a qualified personal trainer who can offer a wide range of techniques and advice. He has a keen interest in working with desk bound workers, helping to restore mobility and providing specific strengthening exercises. He looks to find out his patients’ goals and sets a clear path to achieve them.

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5 Jubilee Market St Barnabas Road Woodford Green | IG8 7BZ

5 Jubilee Market St Barnabas Road Woodford Green | IG8 7BZ

5 Jubilee Market
St Barnabas Road
Woodford Green  |  IG8 7BZ

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Arriving by underground (tube):

We are located opposite Woodford tube station on St Barnabas Road.

Arriving by bus

Take either the 275 or 549 bus routes and disembark near Woodford tube station.


Free private parking on site for patients ONE SPACE ONLY – please only arrive at the time of your appt, or park down St Barnabas Rd anytime (except between 2pm and 3pm when parking restriction are enforced).

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When you step foot into any of our clinics gyms, I promise you three things:

1. Patients Come First – The most important part of everything we do, is you. No matter who you are, everyone is a priority in our clinics.  We know you on a first term basis and, you will never be seen as just a number or a name on our list.

2. Transparency – We have totally transparent attitude to the service we provide, we are always open and honest with our advice. All the therapy team are hand picked and trained by me. Our clinics are equipped with the latest therapy technologies from gold standard brands. You’ll never see gimmicky products, machines or services our clinics nor will we try and sell you bogus treatments that don’t work. If we don’t think something is worthwhile we won’t advocate it or have it in our clinics.

3. We Never Stop Evolving – Our constant goal has always been and will continue to be to improve the experience for our patients, whether this involves expanding the services we offer or improving our skills and knowledge, we’re always adding benefits and services to serve our patients best.

Don’t take my word for it. These are my promises. Visit any of our clinics and see the team live up to them.

Robert Shanks

Founder & Director Spine Plus, Chigwell, Woodford & Hornchurch Clinics