Testimonials from Spine Plus Customers
Chan N. Avatar
Chan N.

Excellent osteopathy service at a reasonable price and flexible time. I would very much recommend Ditta, she was attentive and knowledgeable in her field and you will see a huge difference even after a single session. Will definitely go back.

Samuel L. Avatar
Samuel L.

Yesterday I had my first appointment at Spine Plus in Chigwell. Akin, my Osteopath, was very polite and attentive. After a variety of investigations, he was able to confidently identify the cause of my lower back pain and communicate effectively the pathology behind this. We then discussed the best therapeutic regime and begun my first treatment session, which helped to reduce my lower back pain.

I am confident that, with the help of my knowledgable osteopath Akin, my back pain can be resolved. I am excited for what the future sessions hold!

Verity Goodfellow Avatar
Verity Goodfellow

Having suffered with upper back and neck pain for over a year, after pulling something during sports, I went to visit Rob to see if he could help. After experiencing mild to moderate pain for an extended period I had thought that, perhaps, this was just something I was going to have to live with but hoped that maybe learning some stretches might ease the symptoms. I saw Rob for 1 hour and he used lots of techniques to get to the problem area. He explained each technique before treatment and asked for my feedback all the way through. When one technique wasn't working, he listened to me and then applied another. He was skilful, knowledgeable and caring throughout. The discomfort continued for a few days, but by the end of the week I suddenly noticed the pain had gone and 1 month later the symptoms have not returned. I am immeasurably relieved and grateful to Rob for his professionalism and care. Many thanks.

Lisa A. Avatar
Lisa A.

"I love coming for physio treatments. Juan is very caring and I feel very confident in his programme of treatment. I always feel an improvement after each treatment and have recommended Spine Plus to quite a few people."

Wendy G. Avatar
Wendy G.

After waking up one morning with stabbing pain in my lower back and spending two days in bed and getting no satisfaction from my doctor, I was recommended Spine Plus Chigwell by a friend and I knew Ann from when she worked at my school. The treatment I received was excellent and Noel was brilliant and soon sorted the pain in my back out. I felt listened to and not dismissed because I have a Disability. My back is now a lot better and I’m back Horse Riding. I have recommended Spine Plus to several people. If my back plays up again, I know where I’m going! Thanks Noel and everyone at Spine Plus

Mark L. Avatar
Mark L.

Excellent spinal care service. Darren Chandler is a top rate osteopath and a helluva nice guy to boot.

I live a forty minute drive from the Bow clinic and there are many osteopaths much closer to my home. The drive is certainly worth the extra effort.

Hazel C. Avatar
Hazel C.

Traction treatment always gets rid of my sciatica, amazing

Ramya R. Avatar
Ramya R.

I had back pain and various doctor inspected and said I have disc buldge and prescriped pain killers and medications. I literally use to wake up with pain every single day.

I'm so glad I found Dr Ed and his treatment worked like miracle. I don't have pain anymore. He exactly explains what's worng and treats so well. I still visit to make sure I'm all ok. He also suggests what physical activity and excercise to do to keep yourself healthy.

Thanks Ed and Spine plus!

Peter P. Avatar
Peter P.

I have received treatment at Spine Plus regularly since March 2016. I always see Juan at the Woodford clinic. I'm always very satisfied with the treatment and Juan has helped me overcome a couple a painful injuries. Seeing Juan on a regular basis helps me to stay in shape and address any problems as they arise, preventing further deterioration. I am very grateful to Juan for all the treatment, help and advice he has provided me with. I am also very satisfied with the staff I speak to on the telephone when I call to arrange or change appointments. They are always very helpful and polite. Many Thanks Peter

Layal C. Avatar
Layal C.

My mother and I have had physios by Darren and cannot praise his professionalism and expertise enough. 2 years on and my lower back has never been better.


There’s no one else I go to keep me injury free and at the top of my sport. It’s as though they have a sixth sense and know exactly where the cause of an injury is and what to do about it!

Jono Partridge

Ice skater: British silver medallist

We would all like to thank SPINE PLUS for being part of our British Tour in 2012. Be great to have you on board in 2013

Aston (JLS)

Thank you for all your hard work. You got us round the country in great form. BEST MASSAGE EVER!!

Olympic Torch Relay Team (2012)

Being a competetive athlete, it is vital my body is free of injury. The team at Spine Plus have treated a variety of injuries I’ve picked up Powerlifting. They’ve always done this with a personal approach and treated me with different techniques as required, from ultrasound to dry needling, even referring me when necessary. I’m aiming for more titles and records in the future and I’d like to thank The Spine Plus Team for all their help in making this possible.

Arram Eghoyan

Junior Powerlifting World Record Holder & 2013 Worlds Strongest Man (under 90kg)

Most sports massage therapists just go through the motions but theirs was the best sports massage I’ve ever had

Alton Thelwell

Centre half - Leyton Orient football team

The team at Spine Plus have truly got my life back on track. After suffering for months with no idea where to go or what to do, I am now living a normal life again, something that i didn’t think was possible.

Dr Bryn Walton