Testimonials from Spine Plus Customers
Shane S. Avatar
Shane S.

Juan Bedoya has been an integral part to my recovery and increased performance in the sport of powerlifting over the past year or so.

He came to the diagnosis that I had a ‘squashed disc’ in the L4/L5 region of my lumbar spine. Meaning it was difficult for me to deadlift and squat to depth efficiently.

Juan managed to get me back on track with a lot of spinal manipulation, acupuncture and shockwave treatments. Now I’ve surpassed my previous best totals under his care and rehabilitation exercise guidance.

After 6-8 months I was able to compete in my first competition since my first appointment. Very knowledgable and always offers many suggestions to help support the rehab process in your own time.

I highly recommend Juan if you have any issues with any back pain. He has a lot of patience and shows a lot of passion towards his work with his clients.

Wendy G. Avatar
Wendy G.

After waking up one morning with stabbing pain in my lower back and spending two days in bed. Then being told by my doctor it was my disability and go to bed with painkillers which I didn’t accept, I was recommended Spine Plus by a friend.

I had three sessions with Noel who was brilliant and told me it was an inflamed muscle on a nerve. My back pain is a lot better now and I’m back horse riding and recently came 1st in a Dressage Competition! Thanks Noel. I’ll be back if I get any more problems

Bev s. Avatar
Bev s.

My physiotherapist is good although I'm hoping (in a positive way) i won't need to continue coming for months on end as treatment is expensive for 30 minutes. They're all very knowledgeable though and that's what you're paying for alongside effective treatment. A good private clinic.

Karen B. Avatar
Karen B.

Osteopathy has worked wonders with my baby who was extremely unsettled and suffered from acid and renal reflux. Well worth the money. I only wish I took him sooner! The staff are lovely and Noel (who we see) is brilliant with Oliver. Thank you!

Ramya R. Avatar
Ramya R.

I had back pain and various doctor inspected and said I have disc buldge and prescriped pain killers and medications. I literally use to wake up with pain every single day.

I'm so glad I found Dr Ed and his treatment worked like miracle. I don't have pain anymore. He exactly explains what's worng and treats so well. I still visit to make sure I'm all ok. He also suggests what physical activity and excercise to do to keep yourself healthy.

Thanks Ed and Spine plus!

damo c. Avatar
damo c.

Spine Plus in Chigwell are superb, the treatment they gave me was second to none.

I was treated by Ben who is a physio at Spine Plus, before I was treated by Ben I was in a lot of pain in my arm and shoulder, but with intense physiotherapy, deep tissue massage and all round good exercises, I am now completely recovered from my painful injury.

Would definitely recommend Spine Plus, there practice was very professional as well as there therapists.

Martine Gayer Avatar
Martine Gayer

I have been going here for a few years. I suffer with lower back and neck pain from time to time and when this happens I can be in excruciating pain. The treatment I receive always works. Whether it be in Osteopathy or mixed with acupuncture. They are on hand and very caring, taking time to listen especially Ben and Noel. I would highly recommend the practice.

Jonathon M. Avatar
Jonathon M.

Would highly recommend, was in terrible pain around the neck/shoulder area, went and saw Akin, only needed 2 sessions and now pain seems to have receded. Thanks for all your help...........

Katy I. Avatar
Katy I.

Reviews and ratings cannot really express the experience of going to spineplus with siatic trouble in so much pain you’re positively bent in half, not sleeping, almost reduced to a shuffle instead of a walk and then benefitting from the years of knowledge and skill as a practitioners that Darren and his team offer. Their true care of you as a patient and your situation is palpable. I personally experienced Darren’s effort involved in pulling strings to get me the help I needed. He and his team went beyond what you might expect for the ridiculously reasonable charge and all served up much welcome dry sense of humour. I am so grateful for such great care and experience when I neeeded it most of all. I’ve tried many other places and none come close in terms of pain free long term results. Thank you. Katy.

Kim P. Avatar
Kim P.

After having lower back pain for 3 weeks I made a visit to spine plus and saw a lovely lady called Dita who worked on my back while explaining every thing in great detail which put me at ease, would highly recommend.


There’s no one else I go to keep me injury free and at the top of my sport. It’s as though they have a sixth sense and know exactly where the cause of an injury is and what to do about it!

Jono Partridge

Ice skater: British silver medallist

We would all like to thank SPINE PLUS for being part of our British Tour in 2012. Be great to have you on board in 2013

Aston (JLS)

Thank you for all your hard work. You got us round the country in great form. BEST MASSAGE EVER!!

Olympic Torch Relay Team (2012)

Being a competetive athlete, it is vital my body is free of injury. The team at Spine Plus have treated a variety of injuries I’ve picked up Powerlifting. They’ve always done this with a personal approach and treated me with different techniques as required, from ultrasound to dry needling, even referring me when necessary. I’m aiming for more titles and records in the future and I’d like to thank The Spine Plus Team for all their help in making this possible.

Arram Eghoyan

Junior Powerlifting World Record Holder & 2013 Worlds Strongest Man (under 90kg)

Most sports massage therapists just go through the motions but theirs was the best sports massage I’ve ever had

Alton Thelwell

Centre half - Leyton Orient football team

The team at Spine Plus have truly got my life back on track. After suffering for months with no idea where to go or what to do, I am now living a normal life again, something that i didn’t think was possible.

Dr Bryn Walton