Testimonials from Spine Plus Customers
Verity Goodfellow Avatar
Verity Goodfellow

Having suffered with upper back and neck pain for over a year, after pulling something during sports, I went to visit Rob to see if he could help. After experiencing mild to moderate pain for an extended period I had thought that, perhaps, this was just something I was going to have to live with but hoped that maybe learning some stretches might ease the symptoms. I saw Rob for 1 hour and he used lots of techniques to get to the problem area. He explained each technique before treatment and asked for my feedback all the way through. When one technique wasn't working, he listened to me and then applied another. He was skilful, knowledgeable and caring throughout. The discomfort continued for a few days, but by the end of the week I suddenly noticed the pain had gone and 1 month later the symptoms have not returned. I am immeasurably relieved and grateful to Rob for his professionalism and care. Many thanks.

Sue C. Avatar
Sue C.

I had suffered pins and needles in my right hand fingers continually for a few months. There were intermittent pains in my arm and neck. I was recommended to see Ben by a friend. After a few treatments, all pains, pins and needles, numbness etc was completely gone. Ben also taught me some exercises to do at home. Thank you Ben.

Mike S. Avatar
Mike S.

First session with Darren following a referral from a friend. First impressions and technical knowledge will always rank as one of the most important factors for my choice of 'supplier' regardless of industry, and Darren's approach was highly knowledgeable, as well as accessible, professional and supportive. I am really pleased to say that I left the session feeling positive that there would be a solution for a problem that has been troubling me for years, and that Darren was truly an expert with the balanced, diagnostic approach that I was looking for.

Vivienne V. Avatar
Vivienne V.

I suffer with fibromyalgia and receive treatment from Juan Bedoya on a routine basis. On my recent visit I had suffered a severe migraine attack two days previously. Although my headache had gone I was still feeling dizzy and my vision was still distorted. Juan treated me with acupuncture and massage to my head and neck. The dizziness disappeared almost immediately and my vision had returned to normal within the next few hours. I have never had treatment following a migraine before and in the past the after effects have sometimes lasted up to a week. I was so happy to feel better so quickly. Thank you Juan. I know I can always rely on you.

D Johnson Avatar
D Johnson

Im reviewing on behalf of my 72yr old mum. She has suffered in pain with sciatica for around 10 months and has other back/disc problems . She has been unable to walk no more than 10 minutes without having to sit down and could not stand up straight. Pain killers were not effective. After 4 treatments of acupuncture with Juan,my mum started to feel better and in less pain, by the 6th treatment she is virtually pain free and able to walk for an hour and a half without the need to sit down. She is able to stand up straight. Thank you Juan for your excellent work and caring for my mum. I cant praise you and the clinic enough for accomplishing this result. My mum was due to have a steroid epidural, but cancelled the procedure as she feels so much better. Thank you Juan!

Jonathon M. Avatar
Jonathon M.

Would highly recommend, was in terrible pain around the neck/shoulder area, went and saw Akin, only needed 2 sessions and now pain seems to have receded. Thanks for all your help...........

Jidul Khan Avatar
Jidul Khan

Great, can't fault at all very professional and appointment is always around you, 5 sessions is more then enough for back pain

Joy B. Avatar
Joy B.

Had two sessions with Mr Akin as I have a lower back pain I'm already starting to stand up more straight and posture has improved.

Mark Avatar

I first used Darren about 9 years ago, when he cured a pulled muscle on just one short visit. I've always remembered how good he was, so returned today because of chronic pain in my shoulder (only my second orthopaedic injury in all that time). Still the same brilliant service: he immediately diagnosed the cause of the problem; and after just 30 minutes of deep muscle acupuncture and manipulation, I already have greater ease of movement and am starting to feel a lot better. Darren is very skilled and honest, and doesn't try to sell you services you don't need. If he can cure you in one or two visits, he will. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Spine Plus. I don't usually review things. But this is a fantastic world-class service and we're lucky still to have access to Darren in East London.

Lawrence T. Avatar
Lawrence T.

Extremely professional and knowledgeable osteopaths, who provide friendly treatment in their comfortable clinic on Harley Street. I'd definitely recommend Spine Plus to other friends and family who have spinal issues.


There’s no one else I go to keep me injury free and at the top of my sport. It’s as though they have a sixth sense and know exactly where the cause of an injury is and what to do about it!

Jono Partridge

Ice skater: British silver medallist

We would all like to thank SPINE PLUS for being part of our British Tour in 2012. Be great to have you on board in 2013

Aston (JLS)

Thank you for all your hard work. You got us round the country in great form. BEST MASSAGE EVER!!

Olympic Torch Relay Team (2012)

Being a competetive athlete, it is vital my body is free of injury. The team at Spine Plus have treated a variety of injuries I’ve picked up Powerlifting. They’ve always done this with a personal approach and treated me with different techniques as required, from ultrasound to dry needling, even referring me when necessary. I’m aiming for more titles and records in the future and I’d like to thank The Spine Plus Team for all their help in making this possible.

Arram Eghoyan

Junior Powerlifting World Record Holder & 2013 Worlds Strongest Man (under 90kg)

Most sports massage therapists just go through the motions but theirs was the best sports massage I’ve ever had

Alton Thelwell

Centre half - Leyton Orient football team

The team at Spine Plus have truly got my life back on track. After suffering for months with no idea where to go or what to do, I am now living a normal life again, something that i didn’t think was possible.

Dr Bryn Walton