Advanced Massage Therapy

to relax the mind and keep the body supple

Therapeutic effects of remedial sports massage and deep tissue massage

Massage has been recognised for centuries in many countries and cultures around the world for it’s effectiveness in promoting healing and relaxation. Massage therapy can assist recovery from an injury as well as treat and prevent the build up of muscular tension, knots and “trigger points” that can cause the body to under-perform in sports or lead to pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia and tension headaches. Truly therapeutic massage therapy needs to be firm enough to stretch deepest layers of a muscle whilst at the same time intuitive and sensitive enough to tune-in to the body’s ability to relax and unwind. Unfortunately the beauty industry is responsible for having high-jacked this ancient healing art with more emphasis on the lotions and potions used during light, superficial massage, rather than on the specific deep tissue release techniques and the expertise of the individual therapist.


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Why choose us for your massage therapy?


Training & expertise of our therapists: All our massage therapists have qualified from respected institutions such as the The London School of Sports Massage. Furthermore all our massage therapists have had to pass our own rigorous in house recruitment process, plus we invest lots of time in continually training our massage therapists so that they are at the top of their game.


Technique: We use a range massage techniques depending on your needs and wishes ranging from gentle stroking and kneading using oil / cream to promote  blood flow, to more advanced, deeper, clinical massage techniques such as “cross fibre” and trigger point release that uses little or no oil and require precise knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.


Teamwork: At Spine Plus we really value the therapeutic power of deep myofascial release massage techniques. Our massage therapists work as part of a clinical team which includes physiotherapists and osteopaths (who also use plenty of deep massage during their treatments) and who are on hand to assist our massage therapists when necessary.


Shoulder (Upper Trapezius) Massage

Instrument assisted lower back massage