Shock Wave Therapy

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Back painHave you had every other treatment to ease pain?


Shock Wave Therapy can achieve excellent results for people suffering persistent pain conditions affecting muscles and tendons such as tennis elbow, shoulder tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, Heel pain (plantar fasciitis, heel spur), scar tissue, facet joint inflammation in the back and muscular trigger points. Using compressed air to create “shockwaves”, scar tissue and calcified tissue can be broken down allowing for healthy tissue regrowth, this treatment may help you to regain your active and healthy lifestyle.


How expensive is it?


Shock Wave Therapy Machines do not come cheap and therefore many centres charge the recommended fee of £200 – £400 per session, but we feel Shock Wave Therapy is such as valuable treatment tool that is should be more widely available. Therefore we charge a much more affordable £85 per session. It is estimated that a single Shock Wave sessions has the same or greater effect as 6 – 8 sessions of deep friction massage, therefore £85 per session represents great value for money!

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Women's shoulder painDoes Shock Wave Therapy hurt?


There may be some discomfort as the Shock Wave Therapy is applied but the power of the shock waves can be increased or decreased to a level that is acceptable to you. You might possibly feel some discomfort immediately following the treatment but this is usually mild and should resolve within 24 hours.
How many sessions will I need?


How many sessions will I need?


Pain associated with the problems mentioned here can be hard to treat, and you will probably have already tried many sessions of manual therapy, pain killers, anti-inflammatories and even injections. However most patients who receive Shockwave Therapy experience improvements in their condition from just a single session with it typically taking between 3 and 8 sessions, one week apart, for maximum improvement.

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