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At Spine Plus We Set The Standard?

We stand as one of the few select clinics in the UK offering both ‘Focus AND Radial Shockwave Therapy.’ While most UK clinics rely on Radial Pressure Wave technology, we harness the unparalleled energy of Focus Shockwave, around a hundred times more powerful, using a Harley Street standard service. Focus Shockwave penetrates deeper, with laser-like precision.

Talking of lasers, our clinic is also equipped with the latest Class IV laser device which, depending on the condition being treatment we can offer alongside shock wave therapy during the same appointment at no extra charge!

Frequently Asked Questions?

We are a long established, local, family run business, conveniently located near to Grange Hill underground station (on the central line) with plenty of parking on site. We’ve helped 1000’s of patients just liked you over the last two decades. Here’s a selection of the questions we commonly get asked



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Will my first appointment include treatment?

 Whilst it’s often important to start with a detailed case history and conduct a clinical examination we will most certainly start your course of Shock Wave Therapy at your first appointment. The only exception to may be where it has come to light during the assessment that you have contraindication for receiving shock wave therapy, in which you will only be charged the consultation fee or be offered and alternative form of treatment.

Do I need a referral letter from my GP or consultant?

No, whilst it’s a “nice to have” it’s not necessary if you are a self pay client. The vast majority of our self pay clients seeking help for musculoskeletal pain conditions just ring up book in (self refer). If you are considering (focused) shock wave therapy for (vascular) erectile dysfunction we would however suggest for consulting a specialist to make sure your dysfunction is not being caused by a problem that shock wave therapy will not help (such as hormone / testosterone deficiency).

How frequent are the treatments you recommend?

For most conditions we generally recommend one treatment per week, or the most frequent would be once every 5 days.

Will you try and sign me up to lengthy and expensive courses of treatment?

No, the beauty of Focused Shockwave Therapy in particular is that it delivers quick results, most problems respond to  6 sessions or less. We do offer discounts on pre booked blocks of sessions but there are no high pressure sales tactics involved, just good old plain honest advice and incentives to try and make things as economical as possible.

What happens during my appointments?

You will greeted in reception then taken through to the treatment room. For your first appointment a medical case history will be taken, for subsequent appointments you will be asked to give a brief progress report since your last appointment. Your treatment will then commence. A water based conduction gel is first applied to the area being treated and then the shock waves are delivered using a hand held shock wave machine probe that is held by the practitioner,. Depending on the condition / area being treated this hand piece will either be held still or gentle and slowly moved over the treatment area. The pressure and frequency of the shock waves can be varied according to your comfort and tolerance, with focused shock wave a highly effective dose can usually be delivered with negligible to minimal discomfort.

How Does Focused Shock Wave Therapy Work?

Unlike Radial Shock Waves which used mechanical pressure waves, Focused shockwaves are are generated electromagnetically via a cylindrical coil which creates opposing magnetic fields when current is applied. In the medicine, shock waves were originally used (from 1980) to disintegrate kidney stones. In modern pain therapy, shock wave energy is applied to the painful and injured areas where it can promote healing.

How Does Shock Wave Do?

These waves super charge the metabolic healing responses of the body, and stimular a process known as neovascularization, which encourages the formation of new blood vessels and the repair of damaged ones. Improved blood flow means faster and better quality healing.

Is Focused Shock Wave Therapy Safe?

Yes, the treatment is swift, non-invasive, and highly efficient, meeting the safety standards set by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) the authoritative body for NHS best practices). It doesn’t require anesthesia, you can expect a shorter and less cumbersome recovery process with no restrictions on the day of treatment.

Osteopathy Clinic Expert Hands-On Treatment

Back Pain

Due to it’s deep penetrating shock waves, focused shock wave can be an effective alternative to spinal injections for facet joint pain and other conditions

Sciatica and Herniated Disc Program

Hip Pain

Including treatment for gluteal tendinopathy and trochanteric bursitis

Heel and Foot Pain Plantar Fasciitis Program

Heel & Foot Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

We  offer shock wave therapy as a stand alone treatment or in combination with manual therapy, dry needling and LASER 

Tension Headaches Neck and Shoulder Tension

Neck Pain

We’ve treatend 1000’s of patients for chronic neck & shoulder pain. 

Frozen Shoulder Impingement and Tendonitis Pain Treatment

Shoulder Pain & Tendinitis

Shockwave therapy can be highly effective for certain types of shoulder pai including (calcific) tendinopathy and tendonitis


Tennis and Golfers Elbow Epicondylitis

Tennis & Golfers Elbow (Lateral & Medial Epicondylitis)

Focused Shockwave therapy in particular has been shown to be highly effective for these conditions

Hip and Knee Muscle Tendon and Joint Problems

Patella Tendonitis & Knee Pain

Whether you are suffering with arthritis, bursitis, Tendinitis, or chronic ligament sprain, Shockwave therapy can get you back on the road to recovery.  


Ankle and Achilles Treatment Program

Ankle & Achilles Tendon Treatment Program

Tendonitis of the Achilles Tendon or other tendons in the ankle are common sports injury we see in clinic, hands-on treatment, rehab, and the latest shockwave technologies can usually help.

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About Us

Spine Plus Clinics were established Osteopath Robert Shanks (author of “Back Pain Decoded). We have been redefining treatment for back pain, neck pain, and other orthopaedic problems (including shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and foot problems) for the past two decades, having established and run clinics in Essex and Central London (Harley Street).

We offer a multidisciplinary approach including Osteopathy, dry needling (Medical Acupuncture), MRI & Ultrasound scans, soft tissue & joint injections, shock wave therapy, Theraflex, LASER, TECAR Therapy…and our “legendary” neck and shoulder muscle release techniques!

We’re also one of the UK’s leading and most experienced providers of IDD Therapy, the gold standard in Spinal Disc Decompression for alleviating pressure on damaged, slipped and bulging discs in the spine capable of helping people avoid injections and surgery.

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Why Choose Spine Plus in Chigwell For Your Focused ShockWave Treatment

We have helped 1000s of patients just like you, get back to doing the things you love without pain or restriction, here’s what makes us different:

Spine Plus Trusted Clinic

Long Established Family Run Local Business

Established in 2000 our highly experienced and knowledgeable team have great relationships with GP’s & specialists in the local and London area.

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Convenient Opening Hours Including Late Evening & Saturdays

We understand how busy life can be trying to schedule appointments around work and family commitments, we offer a range of times: Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm | Saturdays: 9am – 5pm

Spine Plus Osteopathy Clinic

Free Parking On Site, Close to Tube Station & Bus Stops

The clinic is located a short distance from Grange Hill underground station (central Line) and local bus stops, there are also several parking spaces on site.

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