How we are different

We WON’T sign you up to prepaid long courses of treatment (at a perceived discount).
We WILL offer you honest and fair treatment & advice designed to maximise your recovery, rather than maximise our profits, the kind of thing we would want for members of our own family.
We work with several of London’s leading orthopaedic consultants including specialists from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.
Need an MRI scan? - Ask us to refer you, we have preferential rates with several centres in London.
If the treatment we offer is not appropriate for you we will do our best to recommend somewhere or someone who can.
We have years of additional training in Orthopaedics, imaging, exercise rehab, manual therapies, hence our patients are not subjected to purely a single treatment approach.
We are happy to advise on the different types of spinal surgeries. If your an individual where previous surgery has failed to work and you would like an impartial opinion as to what to do next.
We guarantee a diagnosis, which we are happy to back up via imaging in the form of ultrasound or MRI.
Would like a second opinion on your MRI scan. We work with the best in the country when reporting scans.