“I have been treated at SPC for a number of issues including a bulging disc (L5/S1). They were at the time one of the first practices in the country to have an IDD machine which helped my back recover quickly. I have returned many times since, most recently for a neck issue which was quickly diagnosed and referred for MRI, and most recently for a problem with my elbow, which is being treated with a new laser technology as well as manual ‘hands on’ dry needling/friction therapy. That’s what I love at this practice, your treatment is based on traditional problem finding (what is causing the pain and why) but old and new techniques are mixed to optimise the outcome. It’s not just treating the symptoms it’s treating the problem. We are all different and respond differently to treatment methods and I can honestly say there hasn’t been an injury or issue I’ve had that wasn’t helped by owner Robert and his team. As well as having an ultrasound scan/guided injection facility, they also arrange referrals for MRI and can recommend the best consultants if required. The teams vast experience and knowledge will ensure you will no longer need to shop around for a solution. This is as good as it gets!”