Laser therapy on shoulder

Simply put “Combination Therapy”, as the title suggests involves combining different therapies in one treatment session. It’s something we’ve doing at Spine Plus as part of our multi-disciplinary approach for over 20 years! Whether it be combining osteopathy with medical acupuncture, or Osteopathy with Pilates or electrotherapy (shock wave, laser, TECAR therapy, IDD Therapy). We find this delivers superior results to what might be termed “mono-therapy” as practised by most other clinics.

For example, some of the latest research advocates combining laser therapy with shockwave therapy for Plantar Fasciitis. In addition to this we have found TECAR Therapy immediately after shockwave therapy can be useful for stubborn cases.

Whilst we do charge a little extra for some of the more expensive to run machines, such as the IDD Therapy, TECAR and Shockwave, in the long run this is cheaper for patients as it invariably takes fewer sessions to resolve conditions such as chronic back pain, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, knee and hip sports injuries. With that said things like “Laser Acupuncture” (using a painless laser rather than needles) and ultrasound therapy (to rapidly heal ligament sprains) there is no extra charge!