Below are our general costs for the services we provide. If you would like any further information, please call 0203 3369 8577.
Manual Therapy: Osteopathy / Physiotherapy, Trigger Point (Medical) Acupuncture, Ultrasound Therapy – more info
Initial Consultation & Treatment (60 mins)£65
Follow Up Treatment (30 mins)£46 – £50 (Depends on location)
Available at: our Waterloo, Bow, Woodford & Chigwell clinics
Senior Therapist
Initial Consultation & Treatment (60 mins)£90 (£120 Harley St)
Follow Up Treatment (30 mins)£60 (£85 Harley St)
Available at: our Harley Street, Waterloo, Bow, Woodford & Chigwell clinics
Shockwave Therapy – more info
Initial Consultation & Treatment£95 Harley Street
Follow Up Treatment£85 Harley Street
Suitable for chronic pain disorders such as: facet joint disease, sports injuries & tendon injuries such as Achilles Tendonitis, patella tendonitis & tennis elbow. Also available at our Chigwell & Woodford clinics, please contact the clinics for current prices
IDD Computerised Spinal Decompression Therapy – more info
MRI Review (15 mins). Book online at Harley St or book online at ChigwellFREE
Consultation, Treatment, Planning & Advice£60
single session (60 min)£80
10+ sessions (paid in advance)£75 per session
Ideal treatment for cervical and lumbar spine degeneration, disc protrusions, sciatica and trapped nerves. Available at our Harley Street, & Chigwell clinics
1:1 Pilates with Senior Therapist
45 minutes£85
30 minutes£60
Available at our Woodford & Chigwell clinics
Massage Therapy: Deep Tissue (Myofascial), Therapeutic & or Sports massage
90 minutes£82
60 minutes£55
30 minutes£35
Available at our Bow, Chigwell and Woodford clinics
Company Directors Fees
Full spinal, orthopaedic & (spinal) MRI review, treatment &/or referral planning (60 mins)£200
Follow Up Appointment (30 mins)£110
Available at our Harley Street, Bow, Chigwell & Woodford clinics
Diagnostic Imaging – more info
MRI Scan£285
MRI Scan + Follow Up Consultation (60 mins)£450
(Dynamic) CT scanfrom £600
EOS scanfrom £440
Ultrasound Scan (one region)£220
X-rayfrom £90
Available at our Harley Street, Bow, Chigwell, Woodford & Birmingham clinics
Joint / tissue injections
Ultrasound Guided Injection (Steroid, PRP)£520
Facet injections£550
– Each additional facet injection£225
Epidural and up to four facet injections£1,600
Available at our Harley Street clinic