When Bob came to see us at our Osteopathy and spinal decompression clinic (Hornchurch branch) he had been suffering for a long while, not being able to stand or sit without sciatica pain / leg pins & needles in his leg. The cause was a pinched nerve in his lower back from a bugling disc (some times referred to a slipped disc (in his case Bob’s was a “right paracentral L5S1 disc protrusion causing S1 nerve root compression / radiculopathy”).

Bob was reliant on pain killers (Naproxen) to get him through the day and desperate to avoid injections and surgery. As soon as we tried him on the IDD Therapy machine Bob felt some relief and following his course of IDD (spinal decompression) Therapy sessions at our Hornchurch clinic Bob was back playing golf, doing long drives and even long haul flights without any problems and without the need for medication.