37 year old Reehan suffered with severe sciatica for over 12 months due to a large disc herniation. During that time he had tried numerous therapies including physiotherapy, chiropractic and podiatry unfortunately without any improvement in his symptoms. He then contacted Spine Plus.

Prior to visiting Spine Plus Reehan’s GP had referred him to a spinal surgeon who administered an epidural and other spinal injections, this gave Reehan only three weeks relief from his crippling sciatica.When his sciatica returned it was worse then ever and he was unable to sit or walk for more than 10 minutes. His surgeon told Reehan the only next option was spinal surgery. However having heard about IDD Therapy, Reehan contacted Spine Plus to see if we could help. On reviewing Reehan and his MRI scan we constructed a tailor made treatment plan, this involved paraspinal (Trigger Point) dry needling, core strengthening exercises but the main focus was a course of IDD treatment. Despite having suffered for over a year without any improvement, following the IDD treatment Reehan’s reflexes and neural tension signs all returned to normal, his sciatica and back pain completely resolved and he was able to avoid spinal surgery.

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