We are now to be able to provide the latest treatment for osteoarthritis with a joint protecting Hyaluronic acid injection. This new exciting technique developed in Germany is called ‘Suplasyn – one shot’. https://suplasyn.com/suplasyn-1shot.php

The injection coats and protects the inside of your joints whilst also promoting healing. Studies have shown that with just 1 injection 88% of people achieved a significant decrease in their pain and an increase in activity levels for over 6 months!

This treatment is particularly good for knee and hip joints, although can be used for ANY arthritic joint. It is a more effective and safer option than taking anti-inflammatory medications, which can damage your stomach lining, or multiple steroid injections, which can further destroy already damaged cartilage.

This service is available at our Woodford Green clinic, Spine Plus Woodford, from £195, all of our injections are performed with ultrasound guidance to ensure 100% accuracy.

Please give the clinic a call on 020 8506 1000, if you or anyone you know would look to benefit from this new treatment.